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comes to town to build some kindness. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. how gorgeous was yesterday? >> it was beautiful. justin burke, keep it going there, bud. >> all right, 6:00 and july 1. usually we reserve some of the nicest days of the yore for april or may, not the end of june or early july. that's what we've got. we have a nice benefit here as we have pushed the heats into steam out of the region. fresh canadian air spills on in. the time of year we thank canadians. temperatures stayed below normal. in fact, we stayed at 75 degrees in easten and 78 in ocean city. ocean city matching the markup, and look back in oakland, garrett county, that's almost too chilly for the end of june. 64. we reverse those numbers to 46 for them this morning. we are down to 62 in baltimore. temperatures in baltimore have dropped 6 degrees in the last two hours. they are down to 50 in york, pa, holding at 63 in easten. what a beautiful start. the sun is already up and it will really be nice this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky and our 2-degree guaranteed hi
, still nice as it will be cooler with a pleasant outlook, just to be outside. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we had showers, even lightning strikes across central pa. york and lancaster getting hit with showers this morning. over towards philadelphia is where you'll run into that stuff. we are dry right here south of the border in through maryland. we have ourselves a 79 spot on the thermometer from northeast to edgewood and back towards annapolis. otherwise we are expecting temperatures up to 92. early afternoon, when strong storms will pass through. it's not going to be that bad, but the worse will be done by 2:00 or 3:00 and get clearing into the weekend. right now, let's see if there's any clearing on the traffic side. here is kim brown. >> justin, indeed there is. an earlier accident that we were working in frederick county. the southbound lanes of i-270 past route 85 has been cleared out of the travel lanes. all lanes have been reopened. the crash activity has been moved off to the right shoulder. we are very quiet traffic wise. traffic moving very well, flowing freely.
relation here in maryland and the oil spill. >>> right now, shear kim brown. >> thanks, justin. we are quiet in terms of traffic. just a handful of road accident accidents. we're working on on the hack expressway. megan and jamie, back to you. >>> coming up next, a police officer's job can be dangerous. >> yeah, but you don't expect a traffic stop to get this violent. the whole thing's caught on tape. we'll show it so you. >>> listen up, if you want to take the kids to an amusement park, we'll tell you the best five for your family coming up. >>> take a look at this video. it's so incredible. this puppy doesn't let anything slow him down even after he's hit by a car. look at him go. >>> summertime is a great time for amusement parks. a day at the park is a day of fun for the whole family. >> absolutely. linda so tells us about the five best amusement parks in our area so take a look. >> reporter: oh, the thrill. big drops, fast roller coasters, entertaining shows and fun night for the little ones. it's what makes a great community park. >> i like them because they go upside do
, a new offer hitting marylanders could be nothing more than monkey business. >> what's your dream escape? >> reporter: the dog days of summer are the perfect time to think about an escape, this company claims you can take dream vacations while earning life-changing wealth. before you pay their fee and start looking for destinations, the better business bureau says beware. >> you continue to see tell-tail signs of concerns about this business. >> reporter: the business is travel ventures international, a company recruiting marylanders to join their team through e-mail. they offer travel products and services, but click the their faq's and you don't have to make a lot of money with their company. >> it focuses on you recruiting people to participate in this business opportunity. >> reporter: critics say that's the kind of business the federal trade commission warns about, you only get paid commissions by recruiting new distributors. getting restraining orders to stop them from promoting the offer. it's hard to find out much else, even who owns tbi. >> the focus of the website isn't so much
. all right, we'll check in there live in a couple minutes. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. let's send it over to lanette. >> good morning, everyone. we are dealing with rain across the area this morning. it is starting to move out. you will have a break in the action and get back into it as we go into the afternoon. take advantage of the break. check out the headlines. we are unsettled. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. it's also very humid this morning. so as we go into the afternoon, but it is seasonal outside as we go into the afternoon as well. few storms for wednesday and it's going to be hotter and it's going to be dryer by the end of the week. check out maryland's most powerful radar. i zoomed in on this area. this area basically prompted a flood advisory, and also eastern queen county, about an inch and a half has fallen in the last hour or so. so you can see that in the red there. that's some very heavy rain. greensboro, and also ridgely. let's get a check on the traffic with kim. >> thanks, lanette b.. be sure to take it easy
6:00, an earthquake hit maryland. it was officially reported at 5:04 in the morning. we have many calls coming in to our news room. it was confirmed by the u.s. geological survey. the magnitude is 3.6 or 3.7. yes, there was an earth quake this morning, and it was rumbling between 5 or 10 secondses. and one person called in and said it felt like a helicopter landing. we will get a little bit of the backseat here. it was located near gatorsburg andierman town. you will notice that it was located 40 miles west of west minister. it's amazing how the geology works. work and pennsylvania, yes, in deed, they felt the earthquake as well. a 3.6 or 3.7 magnitude officially striking at 50 h 4 -- 5:04 >> i spoke with my mother in south laurel. a lot of animals reacted as well. the dog went bananas. she thought it was a helicopter landing in the neighborhood. the harrisburg expressway is running good, no problems. 1 # 5, no problems. and there is a closure through to the jfk closed until sunday. >>> megan and jamie? >> we would encourage you to go do our website. we are taking to -- taking you
colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 comments@captioncolorado.com. >> "good morning, maryland." megan is off today. meteorologist justin berk. justen? >> one tick before 6:00. we'll take you outside with storms that rolled through yesterday. big thunderstorms as expected on target with the lunch hour into the mid-afternoon dumping about an inch of rain in some spots in under an hour time frame. it's too much to take care of. look at that standing water out there. look, we need water. that's just too much for a period of time. we need more and will get more over the weekend. the first part will look darn good as we start off. clear skies and we dropped the humidity. the first word that should come to mind is just nice. wet weather could make a return into the end of the weekend. check it out. this morning, want to show you conditions down at the beach. this is are a robeeth. the clouds pushing off the coast at 69 degrees. winds slipping into a 15 mile- per-hour breeze. hey, turn the lights on at veterans elementary. ellicott city is clear at 65 degrees. the sun coming up in a couple of minutes. it
. we need a coastal storm off the carolinas moving inland. all ganging up on maryland and may break this pattern at least briefly. we've had showers already. not much else going on across the area. we've had sprinkles show up. we are looking at temperatures in joppa right now. down towards annapolis and eldersburg and reisterstown. there's 74. follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen because we will introduce showers and heavy storms over the next two days. >>> right now, kim brown talks about the traffic. >> thanks, justin. we don't have any traffic nor do we have delays. we have a handful of row houses. a disabled vehicle is blocking the left side of the bay bridge on the westbound side. water main bridge at pulaski highway on highland street has been open. we lack at our cameras this morning. traffic okay on the beltway. no issues on the outer loop at old court road. inner loop lanes looking good as well. traffic is doing well. here 95 both directions at 195 in arbutus. no problems southbound headed toward the capital beltway. looking at our drive times all in the g
this morning. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> it is amazing watching that house go up. >> it is amazing. >> i know they stay there behind schedule. >> they are putting that on now. >> yeah, it's incredible. and the volunteers are really just so many neat stories happening out of there. >> now there's no let up. meteorologist, justin burke is enjoying this day off and the meteorologist is in. >> we have a mild start out there. temperatures were starting out at the 6:00 hour into the 70s. when it's 74, you know you're going to be over 90 degrees later this afternoon. elsewhere across the area, 71 in columbia to the north and to the west from glenbrock to middletown. right outside our station doors, 72 degrees. 71 downtown and the real story is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. those dew point values over 70 degrees. so it's going to be an oppressive feel to the atmosphere. 88 degrees by noontime. we're going to max out to 93 for your afternoon. the real feel numbers will be into the middle 90s. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up in a bit. kim bro
relief is 96, 98. that's all i have for you. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, i'm not picking up on anything. just the five sweeps across the board so that means we're going to be dry and we're going to stay that way the next several days. currently into edgewood around 67 degrees. and we are just going to get even hotter as the day progresses. i'm not telling you any stories here. the 12-hour forecast. we're waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s. as we go into lunchtime 95 degrees. you want that ac, eat that lunch indoors, by the afternoon, around 3:00, 4:00, that is the hottest part of the day. you want to check on the elderly and please do not keep your pets in the car and children in the car. we'll see 100 degrees for a high today. >>> kim, talk about the traffic. >> good morning. because it's a holiday for most people, don't expect to see a traditional or typical rush hour for monday. we're looking good in terms of volume, hardly any out there. no delays either as you make your way around the area. the beltway at old court road, hardly anybody on the streets n
. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us, you're going out there live today at 9:00. >> voluntarilyeers have a great attitude, so does the crew, considering what they've been up against. terrible weather. >> let's bring in make masco who's been doing our weather this morning for meteorologist justin berk, you hail from new jersey. >> way up there in new jersey, but love baltimore, been here a couple years now. let's look at doppler radar, we're clear. that heavy band of rain shifted over new jersey. we'll be watching more scattered showers and storms to develop through the rest of the morning. here's a recap of rain. look at rainfall totals, i should say, in the last 12 hours. you can see, it's centered right over the 95 stretch from rockdale into bel air, future radar, we'll put this into motion and show you the next couple hours. maryland's most powerful radar is saying we'll be seeing more showers and thunderstorms down the pike. it could be an intense situation. we'll keep an eye on it. abc2news.com keeps you updated 24/7. kim brown,
's good information to know. >> and we've also learned two more people have died from the heat in maryland bringing the total number up to eight. health officials say that in may, an adult from anne arundel county died from hypothermia after working outdoors. just this week, a baltimore city adult was found dead in their home with no ac. the temperatures inside that home were over 90 degrees. we're live in towson, linda sow, abc2 news. >>> pools around baltimore city will remain open again, late today as the city deals with another scorcher of the a day. a mechanical problem at the patterson park pool led to unsteady levels of chlorine in the pool. the pool was closed when temperatures were around 100 degrees. swimmers were finally let back into the pool around 6:00 last night. as for the pools in the city today, they'll be open until 7:00 and closed for half an hour and reopen around 10:00. >> find out our weather guide by moving your mouse over the weather tab. megan? >>> we heard it for a long time: rec centers around baltimore would close because the city had no money. not only are the
, do a round of outfield, take a water break. >> reporter: frederick maryland was up there with needles california for the hottest in the nation. later today, there's still plenty to come. have the bottled water handy and try your best to keep cool. reporting live in rogers forge, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> there are plenty of places to go to beat the heat. baltimore city says "why not the pool?" city park pools will stay open until 9:00. the city is opening more cooling centers. bringing the totals to 15, yesterday it was just 5. city officials say through monday, nearly 1,000 people have visited the cooling centers this year. >>> and if you have your own ac we're sure you're busy using it this week. with a snow storm in february and now the extreme heat, bge expects utility usage to break a record this year. if you want to keep your bill low this month, you save 5 to 7% on cooling costs for every degree you raise your thermostat above 72 degrees. just something to keep in mind. if you're using air conditioning, which everybody is right now, if it breaks, it'd be awful, so, what w
by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> good morning, it's 6:22 and we are taking a look at a decent forecast here as high temperatures will be climbing only into the lower 90s the next couple of days. that's actually a good thing. pleasant start to this morning, but we'll introduce more clouds this afternoon. upper 60s to low 70s overnight. isolated thunderstorm at 91. better chance of storms on thursday at 92. by friday, we'll drop into the mid and upper 80s. we'll actually be dry and nice. all right, let's see what is happening on the roads at 6:23. hopefully the traffic is flowing just as well as this forecast. here is kim. >> the traffic is flowing pretty well. we have reports of an accident in anne arundel county. 50 eastbound on the ramp, you will see police out there on the scene. also a disabled vehicle reported northbound at the fort mchenry toll plaza, blocking one of the toll lanes. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100 up to 395. 29 southbound flowing nicely. nine minute trip between i-70 to route 32. on the outer loop, six minutes this morning fr
-bye to the wave. >>> all right, good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. let's get right to the weather, it was so hot for so long, when it was upper 80s it felt like summertime. let's see if we can keep it going. here's meteorologist, justin berk. >> the humidity has come back, in fact, we have pictures to prove it. stick around, we'll show you how we've been dealing with the humidity here in the studio. don't get scared, mr. costello. the temperature will come up in a few minutes. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five sweeps across the chesapeake, we're currently quiet as a clear to partly cloudy sky ranges across the region. 69 ellicot city. you're about 59. 72 westminster and cockeysville. stevensville to chestertown, 76. we're feeling a pinch of the humidity coming back. partly sunny sky, up to 91 as our two-degree guarantee. small chance of an isolated storm. right now it's 6:01. it's the birthday girl. kim brown with traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we're working an accident, southbound lanes of th
that are in the mid to upper 70s in many spots. although you've had rain-cooled air, westminster, maryland's most powerful doppler radar still pointing out rain on your north side. you've had on and off showers the last couple hours. extends up towards our friends in york and adams county in pennsylvania. maybe sprinkles but probably not too wet on the 83 stretch. even a shower passing through bel air. overall, though, no lightning strikes recorded in the immediate area. big storms erupted north of the border in through pennsylvania this morning. as far as we're concerned, basically 70s. i said mid to upper 70s but our 75 to 77 in easton, 85 to 82 on the delmarva. it feels like 79 in town. not a great morning to be outside, at least for the typical morning activities. when we get the most relief of the day. at least the air quality code yellow, that's moderate, i guess that's good considering what we have in play now. high heat, humidity, storms mixing up the air. there's the storms passing through the poconos now. a lot of lightning in reading, heading to the new york metro area the next couple
. >>> 6:03. he was trusted to protect two maryland governors, now a state trooper's integrity is questioned as he faces child pornography charges. after a four-month investigation. police busted into 47-year-old bruce tucker's home. detectives say he had more than 3,000 images of children as young as 2 years old in sexually provocative positions. neighbors say they never knew the man living next door. >> these people do what they do but when you involve children it's a different issue. a child is innocent. >> there was no answer when we knocked on tucker's door and called his phone. the state trooper is now suspended without pay. >>> a deadly shooting with more than 100 witnesses. police say this morning there's still no description of the suspect. the double shooting in bel air happened early sunday and left a harford county man dead and 15-year-old girl wounded. police found the body of derrick maxey jr. right in the parking lot in the 100 block of north bond street. and police say a crowd had emptied out of a rented banquet hall at the american legion when the shootings er
accurate by weather rate and maryland's most popular doppler radar. >> i know jamie has got a golf game. the thing is will he show it to us? we asked him yesterday to bring the clubs. hopefully he'll stick with the promise. temperatures at 81 degrees yesterday. that was a gorgeous afternoon to get outside. 67 in easton and ocean city. this morning, we start off in the low 60s across the bay. 48 right now. that's the current temperature in york, pennsylvania. 58 hagerstown. 67 down toward ocean city. everybody shaping up for a fantastic day and weekend and high pressure in control. fresh air out of the north. we've got ourselves a code green air quality across the eastern seaboard. good stuff. we've got ourselves basically a fresh air mass. clouds still pulling off of the great lakes. we mix in a few into the afternoon. a mostly sunny sky. high pressure dominates the scene and look at the green. these are all temperatures in the low 60s this morning. even some 50s back toward roanoke. the warm air has been suppressed into the deep south. it is 73 atlanta. jackson, mississippi. and then w
. maryland's most powerful doppler she's a little moisture along the eastern shore. we have sprinkles coming in on the west side. we'll put this into motion and we'll show you how we're starting to light up a few showers in montgomery county. more showers back in towards the mountains. it's bumping into high heat and humidity. 77 in bat more. but it feels like the lower are 80s already and we're firing up the atmosphere here with more of that southerly flow and it looks like we'll building more of the storms into the afternoon and evening. speaking of storms, this is going to be the headline today or tomorrow. we have tropical storm bonnie, up to a high chance. but the national hurricane center is north of puerto rico right now pass nothing bahamass and florida and the gulf of mexico by the end of the weekend or early next week. we're watching for more storms. 93 is the 2-degree guarantee. and this afternoon we'll settle back and drop to 74 and mid-90s and slightly less humidity tomorrow. here's kim. >>> we don't have a lot going on when is exactly what you want to hear. as we look at our ca
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